Talk to an Arborist about Building a Dream Treehouse


Whilst arborists involve themselves with tree pruning and removals, they also can assist in building a children’s dream tree house. Because of their experience in tree care, they can help you design a treehouse that caters to your specifications.

Contact an Arborist about Building a Treehouse

What a better way to surprise a child than to add a special getaway in the backyard? Arborists work with electricians, carpenters, and riggers to give you the type of structure that is durable and unique. In order to begin the process, you should call an arborist who specialises in tree house construction. Tell the company what you envision for the tree house design and how much you wish to spend.

Taking the Initial Steps

When a representative from the tree company visits you at your house, he or she will discuss the design idea for the treehouse with you, and draw a basic sketch. At this point, a consultation fee is charged. A projection of the costs will be provided, based on a customer’s budget. Normally, a 50% deposit is put down for building a treehouse with the remainder due upon completion.

Arranging the DA

Once the deposit is received, the company offering tree services in Sydney will arrange for the design of the treehouse to be facilitated. The same company will also arrange a development application (DA), which is required, with the local council.

When a DA Is Required

Any development, according to law, is one that requires one of the following:

  • The use of land
  • The subdivision of land
  • The construction of a building (the treehouse)
  • Performing the work
  • Removing or pruning trees
  • Demolition
  • Any other activity controlled by an instrument that involves environmental planning

Therefore, in order to obtain development consent, a DA must be instituted with the city of Sydney. In addition, the arborist, who provides treehouse buildings, can arrange trade services. The homeowner is regularly kept informed about the building progress, or if other contractors may be needed when erecting the structure. All work is performed by tradespeople who are licenced.

Building the Treehouse

Once the design for the treehouse is approved and the planning permits are obtained, the work is carried out in the agreed period by the tree services company. A client is required to remit payment within 24 hours after completion of the structure. Whilst this type of building plan is unique, it is also a plan that is realistic.

If you want to learn more about designing a treehouse for yourself or children, review the information online. Contact an arborist who designs these types of structures to get a better idea of what to expect. Make your dream possible by contacting a company that offers tree pruning, trimming, and building services today.

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