5 ways you’re polluting the water without you knowing it yourself


We are often doing things that damage the environment without even knowing it and it is important to get educated about what causes these problems and how they can be avoided. We need water to survive yet many of us are polluting it without knowing the damage we are doing. While many of us understand how important it is not to waste water, not everyone realises how many other problems they are inadvertently causing.

A professional environmental consultant will be able to offer people advice about what they are doing to pollute their water and how to avoid it in the future, and it is often a good idea to employ a consultant to educate people.

Let’s take a look at the five things that people are doing to pollute their water without even knowing it:

  1. Refusing to Pick up After the Dog

When a dog poops and owners don’t pick it up, it will make its way into the soil and then to the nearest water source and pollute it. From the sea to rivers and lakes, it is important to pick up after Rover has had his morning walk to stop their mess becoming a mess in everyone’s water.

  1. Washing the Car at Home

Many of us try to save a few pennies by washing the car ourselves but this can be damaging to the environment for the following reasons:

  • The detergent and soap will be washed into the ground and it will find its way into nearby waterways
  • The motor oil will go into the storm drains and end up polluting a range of water sources

The best thing to do is take the car to the carwash where they will have less of a damaging human impact as they will have filters to clean out all of the dangerous pollutants.

  1. Putting Oil Down the Sink

This doesn’t only clog the drains but it also gets into the water systems and as it is so hard to break down, it quickly contaminates water supplies.

  1. Flushing Away Old Medicine

Old medicine should always be put into the bin, as when it gets flushed down the toilet it pollutes the water it’s in and even ends up back in the drinking water, leading to a continual low-level exposure of drugs. Water pollution should be avoided at all costs, so always think about what’s going down the toilet before flushing.

  1. Mowing the Grass

SERS are water testing experts and companies like this will be able to tell homeowners how dangerous it can be when plants make their way into nearby waterways, as they invade environments that they are not native to – leading to everything from soil erosion to water contamination. This can be avoided by creating a natural barrier between a garden and the waterway.

It is a good idea to get hold of professional advice when it comes to avoiding bad everyday habits that can contaminate water supplies.

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