Why Replace your Sash Windows


Sash windows are generally found in period properties, although by the late 20th century they were replaced by modern PVC windows. Whether you are replacing your current worn out sash windows or want to replace your old PVC windows to achieve a stunning authentic appearance, having your old sash window replaced is one of the best ways to achieve periodic looking sash windows for your home. Furthermore, modern timber sash windows are more energy conserving, safe, secure, and they are available in various configurations and designs which allow you to enjoy your desired style and effect for your windows.

If you are planning to substitute modern windows with sash window, you should first decide upon the layout and style of the window you are looking for. Sash windows have two panes of glass, one on top of the other. Each of these has smaller panes known as lights, and these are available in any configuration according to preference. The conventional designs include either a six over six design or the two over two design depending on the era you are aiming to imitate. A skilled window installation company will inform you of the required layout for the period of your home or property, or you can opt for a different design altogether.

Replacing your older sash windows means that you can enjoy upgraded energy efficiency. Over the past 20 years glazing standards have been significantly improved. Consequently, owing to the installation of triple glazing, many timber sash windows have lasted for more than 50 years. The energy efficiency resulted from the replacement of old sash window will have a considerable effect on your fuel bill.

The wood, as well as the manufacturing procedures to construct the frame, has also been upgraded in recent years. Today the constructors use sustainable methods to manufacture hardwood. They use advanced and secure fitting and other components which ensure the longevity of the window as well as the safety of your property. Changing your old sash window allows you to enjoy an authentic and a secure living environment.

All of this enhancement in the field of timber sash window means that you will be able to enjoy significant energy saving. Cold air is unable to enter the house, thus keeping the internal environment of the property warm and comfortableand in turn means you will use less heating and save more energy by changing your existing sash window.

It is clearly evident that modern sash windows and glazing has seen considerable improvement over the few decades. Replacing your old sash windows with modern sash windows will enable you to achieve an authentic and beautiful looking exterior whilst keeping the internal environment warm, comfortable and secure. Not forgetting that the latest advancement in manufacturing and fitting techniques allows you to eliminate cold pockets, thus decreasing the energy consumption and saving money spent on power consumption.

The Original Box Sash Windows Company is able to manufacture and install tailor made timber sash windows to your individual requirements or restore your old windows with modern substitutes to increase the energy efficiency and provide you with a beautiful looking property.

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