Installing A Shower Seat


We spend a lot of time in the bathroom and we shower everyday so, if why don’t we do it seated? We eat seated, we watch TV while sitting and well, almost anything we do at home is planned to do in a sitting position so, why not to shower like that? It is not just a matter of comfort, it is planning ahead for illnesses and injuries and of course, aging. When you are an oldster you prefer to do it seated and also you will have less risk to slip out and fall. Many of domestic accidents happen in the bathroom and most of them happen in the shower. And still, if you don’t use it, you can also use it as an additional ledge for your shampoo, gel, conditioner etc.

Before you start installing a seat, remember many areas in the world have strict regulations about the minimum size of a shower so, if you install a seat you must be sure this will not reduce the square footage under the minimum of the area you are living, if there is any.

There are many factors to consider when you install a shower seat but the most important of them all is safety and sturdiness. This seat must bear your entire weight on it so, you need it to be sturdy so that you won’t have to worry while you are sitting there. And being sturdy means you can’t just glue a piece of tile in the corner and that’s it. If you want it to be sturdy you must cut a groove in the wall and then insert the seat there and seal it. You need it to be watertight so you will need mesh tape and some caulk to do the job.

The second factor is style. So that you have a permanent seat in the shower, you want it to be stylish and to match the rest of the bathroom and its venetian blinds. A shower sit can turn a dull shower into a luxurious space of your home and it is an eye-grabber for potential buyers. A shower seat is not something to make a statement, don’t try to be too innovative in this and just follow the pattern you have in the rest of the bathroom. The best for the shower seat is that it blends with the rest of the shower.

Consider to install a handheld showerhead. While this is totally optional, it is much more comfortable to use one of these while you are sitting because fixed ones are intended for you to move and rotate while you shower but, once you have a sit you aren’t going to do this. Also, it really helps to rinse soap from difficult corners of your body without having to stand up, which is the whole point of a shower seat.

If you are not sure how to tackle this job, it is much better you call an expert, this is not the typical DIY job.

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