What Are Your Roofing Needs?


Some roof products are simply a better deal for your money. One of these is a metal roofing material, particularly one like the Colorbond brand. That is because the colour for the roofing product is bonded to the metal, thereby avoiding any need for painting. Therefore, you might say that the colour is baked onto the metal. Whilst chipping, cracking, and peeling are often associated with steel roofs that do not have this feature, you do not have to worry about those things when the colour is bonded.

An Attractive and Strong Roof

If you live in Australia, you already know that the climate at times can be harsh. That is why you need to install a roof that is as attractive as it is strong. A premium metal roof is not only resistant to fire, it also is less prone to wear-and-tear. A high-quality roofing material is also made to resist termites, and to stay secure and tight in extreme weather conditions.

You can include this type of roof on all kinds of structures, whether or not the roof has a pitch. Because metal is lightweight, you also do not have to worry about any weight on the building. For example, a tiled roof, which is much heavier, adds more pressure to the framework and foundation of a house or commercial building. Also tiles tend to blow off more than a premium metal roof.

Better Thermal Efficiency

Metal roofs, as those featured companies, such as MC Roofing & Guttering, are highly efficient thermal coverings. Therefore, this type of roofing product insulates your home in either the summer or winter. For example, less heat is radiated into the home when it cools down at night during the summertime. When compared to tile, this is a major advantage. The solar reflectance offered by metal will keep your heating and cooling bills from “going out of the roof.”

Plus, water wicks off metal sheeting very easily. Again, you just do not have the same advantage as tile. As a result, a premium metal roof is less prone to leaking. Quality metal roofs that feature a baked-on finish come in a variety of hues that can nicely fuse with your home’s exterior. The last thing you want to have happen is to have your roof’s colour compete with the outside of your house. Instead, a properly selected colour will only support, if not enhance, the look of your residence.

Metal roofing products can be entirely recycled. Therefore, this type of roofing product—particularly steel—is one of the most reused products in the world. Because the metal is light in terms of weight, it also uses less energy during transport. Made in pre-cut sheets, this material produces less waste and therefore reduces any impact on the environment.

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