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The http://strø is the official site which can help you in knowing all about the electricity prices and its different contract types. If you will have a look at it roughly, you will find that there are different power agreement types in market of Norwegian consumer power today. The power prices in power market changes from every month and there are little to do this as consumer. All you need to do is select right power agreement which suits as the best for usage. The other most common one agreement is that everyone must buy electricity at fixed price which remains stable throughout year.

This is also great solution for all those that want the predictability and relative expenses control. In such a cost, cost of electricity are distributed evenly once in a year. The power prices also keep on varying with seasons and tend to be higher when people make use of electricity for firing. At strø , you will to find to pay much more in winter and since you have to spend on more power, you don’t have to pay at same time more for power. The basic demerit of such solution is also that you need to end up usually in paying extra as the costs of predictability are more.

Power agreements

The one that have stable economy which is flexible must also look out for power agreements that are related to the spot prices. Some of them also have long term solution which eases burden. The one that acts cheaper electricity, it is in long run and must enter into agreement wherein company base as its price and spot price for power exchange. It also means that you need to pay more for electricity in winter but that also means that rather pay less during rest of the years. In this way, you can save a bit and can have cheaper electricity. What is saved can also be the used for handling higher energy prices in winter half.

Variable prices

Most of the Norwegians as per the strømtest have selected this solution. Similarly on the agreements of purchase price, they are quite similar to spot price but get calculated in slightly different ways. Since most of the powers are used during day time, some of the vendors have selected for associating their offers with average daily electricity costs. The agreements of purchase price are average expensive than when power contract are termed as spot price agreement. If you will embark on any of the market driven forms of such agreements, one should be completely aware that this get expensive in winter and you should spend some money for handling predictable additional financial burden which implies.

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