Tower Scaffolds and Safety


Scaffolding is necessary so contractors and workers can carry out work at a construction site. Difficult-to-access areas are often used for internal use. Whilst mobile access type towers are widely employed, and provide an efficient and safe access for working at height, the misuse and improper erection of towers also leads to numerous accidents.

Towers Can Easily Overturn

This is because towers are light and therefore easily overturn. Thus, certain parts need to be in place to ensure the tower has a sufficient amount of strength. Otherwise, the tower will collapse if certain sections are not included. The Health and Safety Executive, or HSE, states that the main issues that are associated with tower scaffolds include erection and dismantling, stability, precautionary practices and inspection, and use and transport.

Why Accidents Occur

Therefore, towers should be set up by competent scaffolding erectors in Kent. A number of organisations in the UK feature training for the safe erection of tower scaffolds. Incidents or accidents are mainly caused by the following:

  • Dangerous dismantling and erection techniques, where safe guidelines are not followed
  • Defects in the scaffolding, where the guardrail is missing from the platform, or the tower is not properly assembled
  • Misuse of scaffolds, where the ladder causes a tower to overturn or a worker falls whilst the tower is being transported

Safe Scaffolding Practices

According to the HSE, the supplier or manufacturer is obligated to supply an instruction manual that explains the erection sequence, including the bracing requirements. Towers that are erected safely should use the following systems:

  • An advanced guardrail system, where the temporary rail units are locked from the level below and then transported up to the level of the platform
  • A through-the-trap system, which involves an operator positioning himself in the trap door of a platform. He can then remove and include parts that act as guard rails on a level above the platform.

When you work with right company, the erection of your scaffolding system will turn out to be stable as well as properly used.


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