Choosing the Pumps and Other Devices Which Help Ponds Thrive


A pond pump is designed to keep a pond aerated so the plants and fish living in it will be healthy and thrive. It does this by moving and circulating the water so it doesn’t become stagnant, which also helps the pond get the oxygen it needs to survive. Along with pond pumps, there are other devices ponds need to be healthy.

Selecting a Pond Pump

When selecting a pump for your pond, you will need to determine the water flow rate that’s needed. The first thing you will need to know is the water volume of your pond. This can be calculated by knowing the length of the pond and multiplying it by the width and the depth in metres. The result will be in metres cubed, which then needs to be converted into litres by multiplying the result by 1,000.

The above calculation is for a square pond, so the formula will differ slightly for triangular or round ponds. However, if you’ve built the pond yourself or had a contractor do it, then you should know the water volume. Ideally, the pump should be able to circulate the pond’s water volume every two hours to help ponds without fish thrive.

If you want fish in your pond, then you should get a pump which can support moving the pond’s water volume at least every hour. It will depend on the amount of fish in your pond, but moving that amount of water will provide the oxygen they need to live in the pond. There are many brands of pond filters available, but you may wish to ask the experts where you buy pond supplies why is the Aquamax Eco Premium pump ideal for fish ponds?

Pond Filtration

Most ponds have separate filtration pumps to remove debris in the water like fish excrement and fish food. Filtration is especially important for koi ponds as koi fish frequently eliminate solid waste and excrete ammonia while breathing. Pond filters can also help eliminate algae, which can smother fish by keeping the pond from getting the oxygen it and the fish needs.

Pond filters can be either mechanical or biological, but the type you choose will depend on how long the pond has been established and whether you will add more fish in the future. Most ponds will use a mechanical filter, which traps solid waste and dirt to be manually removed from the pond. You should also have an aerator in your pond to help keep the water moving as stagnant water will grow algae.

Aerators come in the form of waterfalls or water fountains, and in larger ponds you may wish to have both features. Along with keeping the water moving, these water features can also make visits to your pond more pleasant or entertaining. The sound of a waterfall is very soothing to some people, but water fountains can also spray water in a variety of ways to keep observers entertained while helping to keep your pond and fish healthy.

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