How Can A Chimney Sweep Take Care Of The Chimney For You?


When you have a chimney on a gas or wood burning fire, you need to have it serviced on a regular basis. This can be done by a fully-qualified professional for an extremely reasonable price. There are several ways that a chimney sweep can take care of your chimney. What are they?

Clear Out Any Soot From The Chimney

Soot will cling to the inside of the chimney flume. This can be caused by the wood or the coal burning inefficiently. You should think about getting a different kind of wood if there is a lot of soot in the chimney flume.

The chimney specialists in Crawley will have all the equipment at the disposal to make sure the chimney soot has been completely removed. They will give you some advice about how you can prevent soot from forming in the future.

The chimney will work much more efficiently when all of the soot has been removed from the chimney and you will not have to worry about any of the soot coming loose and falling into the fireplace.

Inspect The Chimney For Damage

The first thing that the chimney sweep can do is to conduct a full inspection of the chimney and the fire at the bottom. This is one of the most important tasks that the chimney sweep can perform for you. They will make a report if there is any damage and then they will be able to advise you about the next course of action.

An inspection can be combined with a range of different services that the chimney sweep performs. You should ask if this is inspection can be performed free of charge because this will save you a considerable amount of money that can be spent elsewhere.

Inspect The Chimney For Blockages

Your chimney needs to be kept in great condition and this includes clearing blockages from the chimney. Debris can fall down the chimney and cause a blockage. The debris could include pieces of brick and leaves. This is something that a chimney sweep is going to be able to address with ease. Once all of the debris has been completely cleared, you can use the chimney again without worrying that you are going to be causing damage to the flue of the chimney.

These blockages may occur on a regular basis, so you should have inspections carried out on a regular basis.

Clear Out Any Debris From The Chimney

The top of the chimney can sometimes become blocked with several types of debris. The most common types of debris that are going to be stuck in the top of the chimney will be leaves and bark from the trees. The chimney sweep will also be able to remove any dead birds which have got stuck in the top of the chimney after flying in there.

You should hire a chimney sweep to perform a full inspection of the chimney and to deal with problems.

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