Three Methods That Locksmiths Use to Open Locked Doors


Locksmiths are not just needed during business hours Monday through Friday; they may be needed in the middle of the night or on a Sunday due to an emergency. If you’re leaving home for work or for a night at the pub and you shut the door and the door locks, you will need some way to get back inside. Luckily, most locksmiths work 24 hours a day in case of such emergencies.

Opening Traditional Locks

If the lock on your front door is a traditional key lock, otherwise known as a pin and tumbler lock, then a locksmith can either pick it open, bump it open, or drill it open and then replace the lock. Many locksmiths own lock picks to open locks in just a few seconds. Picking the lock leaves it intact so it won’t need to be replaced after the locksmith is finished.

Bumping the Lock

A bump key can be used by emergency locksmiths in Petts Wood to open the lock on your door. The bump key is made from a blank key of the same brand of lock on the door and it is filed to be able to bump the pins to open the lock. The emergency locksmith should already have bump keys in his or her truck or bag to use for your make and model of lock, especially if it is a common one. If he or she doesn’t, he or she can easily make one on site and get your lock open.

Drilling the Lock

The most destructive method for opening a locked door is to drill through the lock to open it and then replace the lock. It won’t take long to get your door open or the lock replaced and get you back to your day.

These methods will get your door opened quickly by a locksmith.

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