The Benefits of Detached Garages


A garage is a nice thing to have for parking the daily driver, other less used vehicles like RV’s and to store other items. This structure is beneficial in other ways like household storage of items that are only used at certain times of the year. This is a structure that can also have windows, electric, even heating and cooling systems to protect items stored or for other reasons. 

The Detached Garage Advantages

The Detached Garages in Colorado is a structure that is not attached to a home but is close to the house. This can be a benefit rather than inconvenient. The ways the detached building is advantageous to include: 

• Homeowners insurance is often lower when the garage is not attached to the home because of associated dangers. 
• The attached garage can also pose hazards since fumes from vehicles can get trapped when the doors are closed and may even reach into the house if cars are warmed up inside of the garage. 
• The detached garage can be large enough to fit large vehicles such as RVs or boats with trailers. 
• This structure can be used for more than vehicle storage since it can double as a tool room and have workbenches. This makes it easy to work on vehicles or any other project without odors, exhaust or soil getting into the home. 
• This is a garage that can be used for other purposes besides parking vehicles since it is not attached to the home the size can be determined rather than it is fitting a specific size or slope of the roofline.

The one disadvantage is during inclement weather the garage is not attached to the home if needing to go out. Depending on the homeowner’s location this could be rain, snow or sleet, but the advantages of the detached garage outweigh these occasional inconveniences. Since it will mean keeping the vehicles out of this kind of weather with no need to scrape windows if in an area with winter weather and it is safe to warm the car since it will not send fumes into the house. 

Benefits of the Detached Garage

There are some benefits of having a detached garage other than personal preferences. One of the main benefits is the lot size or shape that makes it impossible to have an attached garage, such as a narrow lot that is long. Then it is possible to have a garage behind the home and while it is not attached it still provides the same benefits as the attached structure. There are also certain styles of homes that are not built in a way that an attached garage is possible like an A-frame or geo-design.

These homes do not have a wall side that a garage could be attached. But the homeowner does not need to go without one since a detached garage is perfect for these kinds of structures. It could be a condo, with a nice sized yard but also impossible to attach a garage to the structure. Another advantage of a detached garage is the ability to build a second story on it for a studio, office or apartment if one of these extra spaces are to the advantage of the homeowner.

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