Things to do before you Move House


Moving day, although the beginning of a new chapter and in many ways exciting can be also very stressful due to the many things in which need to be thought about. However, this is because many people make the mistake of leaving everything until the last minute – There are many things in which can be done in advance to moving to ensure stress free, seamless moves, and today we are going to be listing just some of these things.

Before Moving

Some of the things you need to do

Book a removals company: Whatever you do, you should not attempt to move alone without the help of a leading removals London company. Moving alone will make your transition incredibly more stressful, and if you opt to use a removals company you will quickly see that they take a lot of the stress away from you, allowing you to focus on other things to do with moving, not having to heavy lift and much more.

Get your mail redirected: Before moving house you need to get your mail re-directed to your new address by Royal Mail – this will protect your personal information from identity theft. You can choose to have your post redirected for as long as you wish, although the majority of people choose for their post to be redirected for between 6 and 12 months. Be aware that there will be a small charge for this, but it will definitely be worth it.

Inform relevant people: There is no doubt a plethora of people, and companies, which will need to be informed regarding your move. These will differ from person to person however some of the people that you will need to tell include banks, doctors, dentist, workplaces, schools, utility companies, milk men and newspaper boys.

Get your new house insured: You need to ensure that your current house is insured up until the moment that you leave and that your new house is insured from the moment that you arrive. You could use the insurance company that you are currently using, but there is no harm is looking around to see if there are any better deals for you to take advantage of.

Take final meter readings: Before leaving make sure that you take final water, gas and electricity meter readings and notify your suppliers so that you don’t’ end up getting billed for someone else utilities.

These are only some of the things that you must do before moving house too – the key is to be prepared and to do everything well in advance. To start your house moving journey today, sit down and write a list of everything that needs doing so that you can be sure not to forget anything.

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