Don’t Hire Your Mates to Help You Move


Moving is expensive and time-consuming. It takes a long time to gather all of your stuff and get it to your new location; this is true even if you live in a small flat. In many ways, it is more difficult to move a small flat because you probably don’t have a lot of room to stack boxes and to pack up your belongings. If you plan ahead, you can save a lot of time and money, though. The first step is to decide if you’re interested in hiring professional movers.

Don’t Hire Your Mates

You shouldn’t hire your friends to help you move. It might seem like the best way to save some money, but it’s really not. Your friends are much more likely to accidentally damage one of your belongings. They also won’t be insured, so you’ll have to pay to replace it. You also might have to take time off from work and find a day when all of your friends are available. Lastly, you’ll have to pay for the moving truck, the hand truck, and any other moving supplies you might need. These are much more expensive than you might think and the costs tend to add up very quickly. So, once you decide to hire professionals, it’s time to go looking for whom to hire.

Choosing a Firm

There are many removal firms in Cambridge. You should choose the one that offers you the best options. They should have a stylish and modern website; you should definitely invest in a firm that offers free estimates as well. When you can get a reliable estimate, you can budget properly, and this common practice helps you keep your costs low. It also reduces the stress of not knowing how much you might have to spend.

Start Early

Packing your home early is one of the easiest ways to make things go smoothly. If you know you are going to move, you should start packing things up months in advance. One way to do this is to separate belongings into piles. If you have a spare closet, you should put things in there that you don’t think you’ll use. If a month passes without you using it, it is safe to box up long before your moving day. About a month before your official moving day, you should put the particular items that you don’t think you’ll use within that month into the spare closet. If two weeks pass without using them, you can go ahead and box them up as well.

With about two weeks remaining, you should start eating any perishable food that won’t survive the move. If you’re moving across town, this isn’t as big of a concern. But if your new home is hours away, you need to eat the food so that it doesn’t go bad during the move. Even though grocery shopping is a weekly activity for most, there’s no sense in allowing food to go bad just because of a busy upcoming schedule. You should also box up as much stuff as you can in advance. Boxing your belongings in advance increases the chances that your move will go quickly and smoothly.

Professional movers can help you move without stress and hassle, so call one today!


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