The Future of Grass is Artificial


Mowing your lawn can be cathartic at times, but no one thinks it’s any fun. If you never had to mow your lawn again, you probably wouldn’t miss it. If you’ve got a lawn at your business, it’s even worse. The lawn at your business is even harder to maintain since you are not there very often. Oftentimes, you will have to mow your office garden on the weekends when you would much rather be doing just about anything else. Furthermore, you have to fertilise a lawn, water it during dry spells, and generally maintain it year round. After all of that diligent work, the lawn still looks terrible about half of the year. If you choose a grass that looks great during the winter, it will likely burn and look terrible during the summer. If it grows lush and green during the summer, it will likely die during the winter. However, there’s an alternative.

Artificial Grass

Brighouse Flooring Company LTD has provided a solution to your problems; that solution is artificial grass. If you’ve been around long enough to remember the artificial turf of the 1970s and 1980s, you probably have a bad taste in your mouth for artificial grass. The turf of those eras was tough and dangerous. However, that’s not the case anymore. The artificial grass of the 21st century is just as soft as natural grass, but it remains green year-round. It’s as green as a well-fertilised and well-watered lawn, but it doesn’t require any watering or fertilising. You can also save money on your lawn over time.

Saving Money

Artificial grass can save you money because it does not require any effort or resources to maintain. If you call a team of professionals to install artificial grass at your business or your home, you will have a maintenance-free lawn that stays green all year. You will also save money since you don’t need a lawnmower anymore. You won’t have to pay for the petrol to run a lawnmower or the lawnmower itself. If you hire professionals to mow your lawn, you won’t have to pay them anymore either. Over the course of a few months, those savings themselves will likely pay for your artificial lawn. You’ll also save some money because you won’t have to water your lawn, which will cut down your utility bills.

Increased Safety of Artificial Lawns

Finally, an artificial lawn is safer than a natural lawn. In order to remain green, you would need to fertilise your natural lawn. The inorganic fertilisers used to keep lawns green are oftentimes dangerous for your pets and your children. Furthermore, the grass can become a haven for insects of all different kinds. To keep them out, you might use pesticides that are also unsafe for your pets or your children. An artificial lawn remains safe for your children and pets all year. They can play to their heart’s content without having to worry about the chemicals used to keep it green and lush.


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