5 Simple Ways to Be a Friend of the Planet


Caring about the future and the overall welfare of this beautiful planet, should definitely a positive priority for all of us, and that means family, friends and all of your neighbours. Let’s have a look at 5 easy things which we can all do to help out and even save some well-earned cash at the very same time!

  1. Conservation of Water

Simply turn off that tap when:

  • Having a shower (just soap up and then turn it back on)
  • Washing the dirty dishes (place cleaned objects in a bowl and then rinse them all, and use the water somewhere in garden if possible)
  • Shaving (lather up and rinse razor in a nearby bowl of water)
  • Brushing teeth (when the tap is running and you’re not using it)


  • If at all possible, try doing a full load in your washing machine.
  • Don’t water the garden if it’s going to be raining during the season, and try gathering rain water or use grey water to do the job instead.

  1. Tinted Windows

The uncomplicated fitting for your home of window tint in Perth can transform your windows into wonderful energy efficient glazing, which will reject any unwanted solar heat, keep temperatures at a minimum and place less stress on your air conditioning. This also applies during those cooler winter months, when tinting keeps the warmth inside your home, and lowers power costs by up to 30%. These great benefits to both the environment and your pocket are easy to see, simply ask anyone who has window tinting fitted.

  1. Unplugging of Appliances

By turning off appliances you will not be using will give them a much longer life, and if you’re one of those who frequently leaves phone chargers hanging from the wall, plus forgets to turn the computer on to sleep mode, you really should change your habits. By doing so once again, you will save some Aussie dollars!

  1. Carpool/Public Transit

The benefits of carpooling are not difficult to understand simply because a single car uses less petrol than two and definitely a whole lot less than three! And the same goes for riding a bus or train to work will help in cutting down on the number of vehicles on our roads and save you cash and getting where you need to be a lot faster. If you must utilise a vehicle, contemplate using of car window tinting to cool the inside of the car down, which then cuts back on A/C usage and petrol to power it.

  1. Newspaper or Internet?

Newspapers are heavy, use up paper and take up room, whereas online info web will use energy. It has become easy to see though that the Internet provides a much broader range of alternative news sources with more opinions to those in the mainstream papers and on TV.

Now, that wasn’t so too much to ask now, was it? Be smart and help to give the planet a breather!

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