Strategies to Make your Home Safe for Kids


A big mess. Isn’t this the usual scenario at home when you have toddlers and little kids living with you? You cannot expect an organized and clutter-free interiors no matter how frequent you clean the house. Sad as it may sound, but you just can’t compete with these kids when it comes to housekeeping or the lack of it.

But aside from the issue of home organization and cleaning, there’s also the issue of safety, that is far more important. Kids are unstoppable, as we all know. And their playfulness, extraordinary energy, and curiosity are a dangerous combination. So today, we’re giving you tips on how to make your home safer for these little kids.

By following these strategies, you can somehow feel at peace that they’re protected from their own hyperactivity.

Opt for light home decors

There are countless items inside the house that should be kept away from the reach of children. Medicines, paint, oil, and any flammable substances are only some of them. If you want to keep your children safe even when they’re out of your sight, put inside the closet and lock inside it everything that are fragile heavy, and breakable.

Starting this year, opt for light home decorations that will not hurt your children in the likely event that they were able to reach them. Aside from heavy glass or ceramic table decorations, get rid of heavy framed wall art as well. That painting on your living room may be stunning. But if and when it falls because of your child’s curiosity, not only will your valuable home decor will break, but your precious little one may get injured too.

Avoid drapes for windows

How sophisticated and enchanting drapes on our windows are, right? They instantly create an elegant home interior. But they are also possible causes of slips too. Your kids can always step on these long and flowy curtains as they play around the house. It would be better to opt for shorter curtains or you can tie these drapes so they won’t cause any accident.

Home Sofa

Sockets should be covered

Hire dependable electricians to install protectors and coverings for the sockets inside your house. These electrical fixtures are attractive in the eyes of kids. Their curiosity automatically draws them to touch those parts of the house that they haven’t touched before. Sockets are the leading examples. These fixtures look so interesting because of their opening and their capability. Your kids observe how you use these sockets and that gets them even more curious.

Edges should be cushioned

Toddlers are usually the same height as your tables. We highly recommend that you hire professional handyman singapore who can work on your tables and other home furniture with sharp edges. They can alter these furniture and those bathroom and kitchen fixtures that pose the same danger to your kids.

Rubber floor covering or no-slip carpet

Lastly, the whole flooring system inside your house should have a layer of protection so your kids won’t slip or fall as they run around the house. Rubber mats and carpets that are designed to avoid slips are your best options. Have them inside your house and you’ll never have to worry about your kids’ safety when they get too playful.

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