Quality Construction Requires Quality Materials


Homeowners looking to complete some DIY repair work around their home as well as construction companies who are regularly completing large jobs can both benefit from using quality thermal insulation that offers great value at a low cost. Multi-layer foil can be used for insulation and comes in a range of varieties and prices so that you are sure to find one that fits your needs. This insulation is perfect for roofing, walls, as well as floors. Not only does it do a wonderful job insulating the building in which it is installed, but it also forms a highly effective barrier against both vapour and water, making it the perfect solution to keep your home or commercial building comfortable and dry.


Chances are good that you know how important insulation in the roof is, as the roof is your first line of defence against the elements. It’s imperative that your roof keeps your house cool and dry, and using a top-quality product like Superfoil will ensure that that happens. This product is very easy to install in a roof and can be attached to either vertical or horizontal rafters. It’s important that the product is overlapped as well as pulled tight, in order to keep the roof sealed tight.

An easy-to-use special tape is perfect for sealing any cracks, tears, or seams with this type of insulation and makes it easy for even the average homeowner to install this type of product.

Wall Insulation

This insulation product can be installed on both the interior and exterior walls of your home or business. Installing it on the exterior walls helps keep out the elements and shield your home and occupants against the cold air of winter, while using it on the interior walls of your home has the benefit of making your home even cosier. This is especially important in older constructions where there is no original insulation in the walls and air can travel freely through the home.

Floor Insulation

It doesn’t matter if your flooring is solid or suspended, external or internal, you can use this product easily. The installation process is similar no matter where you use it, and will keep cold from seeping up through the floors. Tall buildings with many floors will also benefit from using flooring insulation, as it will keep each floor more climate-controlled than if there wasn’t any insulation between each floor.

Using quality materials in your construction project is the best way to make sure that your building, no matter its size or use, will last for a long time. Taking care to install insulation in the floors, ceiling, and walls will keep occupants happy and comfortable, no matter the weather, and will help protect the building from weather damage.

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