Tips To Keep Your Rugs Clean The Natural Way


Christmas and New Year have passed by, but the season of holiday parties has not passed yet. Hosting a party can be real fun. Meeting with old friends and enjoying a lively evening is something we all look forward to. However, after the fun is over, the host is left to do all the unpleasant job of cleaning and mopping. The problem of cleaning becomes all the more acute when there is a spill in your sisal rug or any other carpeted area.

When it comes to cleaning any sisal rug, remember the golden rule of blotting and not scrubbing. Scrubbing makes the weave weak which spoils the sisal rug. Before you arm yourself with cleaners it is important to note that natural cleaners are better than synthetic cleaners. Natural cleaners have a good smell; they are inexpensive and are safe for families with kids or pets. Above all, natural cleaners are safe on your sisal rug, which is why rugs treated with natural cleaners lasts much longer.

Another important thing to note is that all not all cleaners work on all types of spills. Some of them are used for liquids while others are good on more solid food. Here are some tips which can help to make your cleaning job much easier.

  • Mild detergent is easily available and can be used to clean minor spills as long as there is no staining involved.
  • 1-2 table spoon of vinegar solution in cold water is ideal for cleaning spills which includes milk or beer.
  • 1-2 table spoon of ammonia solution in cold water is good to treat spills from berries or berry sauces on sisal rugs.
  • If you have invited kids to your party or have many desert items consisting of ice-creams, gums or chocolate, then try stocking up on normal alcohol available in most grocery stores. These solvents work like magic on sticky substances.
  • Cleaning wine spills or spills including tea, coffee, jam or soft drinks is not easy. Instead of panicking, simply blot the area with clean paper towel and then clean with simple water.
  • Candles play a very good role in setting up the mood of the party, especially if it is a theme party. If you have to clean a spill from candle wax on your sisal rug, the trick lies in scrapping off the excess of wax and then covering the area with a clean paper and then ironing the area with an iron with the lowest heat setting.

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