Plastic And Metal Lockable Storage Boxes Keep Items Well-Protected


A lockable storage box made of either plastic or metal is the ideal purchase when you are looking for well-protected storage for your belongings.  For storing important documents and valuables, you want to choose a lockable metal storage box for the best security.  For storing equipment of various kinds, protecting tools when you’re not using them, and storing general items, a plastic storage box will serve you well.  Always purchase a box from a reputable brand for maximum security and then relax in the knowledge that your possessions are well-organized and secure.

Types of Lockable Plastic Storage Boxes

There are different boxes for different types of storage and equipment.  Here are some of the common types and their uses:

Lockable Plastic Storage Boxes

  • Cargo Boxes: made with heavy duty latches, some models have

   wheels for easy portability.  These are lockable with your

   own padlock and easily fit in a trunk or backseat of your

   car and stackable as well.

  • Mobile Chests: deeper compared to cargo boxes and with much

   more storage space, up to 50 gallons worth.  They have

   wheels for easy movement as they are heavy when fully

   loaded.  This is the go-to model when you need a large

   lockable storage box.

  • Deck Boxes: the most versatile for homeowners, some double

   as benches.  Used on decks, patios, pool decks and in

   gardens.  Store supplies for pools, gardening, grilling,

   playing sports and other yard activities.

Lockable Metal Storage Boxes

  • Steel Lockable Storage Boxes: the best are made with heavy

  gauge steel that provides extra durability.  Best option for

  boxes offering the most protection.

  • Aluminum Lockable Storage Boxes: though not as tough as

  steel, ,these are lighter in weight while still offering fire


  • Cash Boxes (Security, Safe Boxes): most popular choice in

  metal boxes.  Home and small business owners use them for

  storing valuables, important documents, and money.  Some have

  a removable tray inside for storing cash and all have a carry

  handle and are lightweight and portable.

  • Gun Boxes: safe way to store a firearm at home and meets TSA

  guidelines for traveling by air with your firearm.  Lines

  with a foam pad to protect the gun’s finish.

  • Multi-Use Boxes: not as sturdy as the previous two boxes,

  these provide miscellaneous storage but you have to provide

  the padlock to make this storage box lockable.

  • Oversized Boxes: are ideal for very long objects and are

  usually stackable for easy storage.

  • Lockable Medicine Storage Boxes: keep young children from getting into prescriptions and OTC drugs that can harm them while also being great to use when traveling.

Whichever type of material you choose — plastic or metal- there is a lockable storage box suitable for every need.  They are handy both at home and at work.

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