Giving Your Rental Property Curb Appeal


If you have invested in a rental property, chances are you’re interested in maximising the returns you receive from it. There are many ways to go about this, including enhancing your property’s curb appeal, i.e. improving its aesthetics. By doing so there are many benefits afforded to you, including:

  • More interest from potential tenants. This means you stand a better chance of keeping your rental property tenanted and helping you receive a steady income.
  • Higher rental rates. The more appealing and in demand your property is, the higher the rental rates you can ask for from tenants. This also helps you to receive better returns on your investment.

So, how can you enhance your home’s curb appeal? There are actually many ways to go about this, including investing in new garage doors for your Perth property. The doors of any property’s garage are such an important and prominent feature, so making an investment in new doors for the garage is an excellent way to make your rental property more attractive.

Points to Consider

With such a wide range of doors to select from, there are quite a few points to consider and think over before you start looking at what’s available, including the following:

  • Keep the style consistent

When selecting a new door for your garage, look for doors that match the architectural style of your rental property. After all, you don’t want a garage door that clashes with the existing style and looks out of place, so keep the style consistent.

  • Choose the right colour

As with the architectural style of your investment property, you need to select a colour for the door that complements the property’s colour schemes, so avoid colours that stand out too much or make for a noticeable contrast.

  • Choose the right material

Some materials are a better choice than others depending on factors like the climate and weather, so be sure to take these factors into account when selecting a new door.

  • Consider a custom door

The range of custom garage doors available is impressive, to say the least, so this is an option to consider when looking for ways to give your rental property curb appeal.

Natural timber doors are a great choice as they exude warmth and elegance, plus they look fantastic when customised with glass inserts to allow natural light to enter. A garage door like this would be one of the first things that potential tenants would notice.

Selecting the Right Supplier/Installer

In addition to selecting the right doors for your garage, you also need to ensure you select the right service provider to supply the doors and install them for you.

Fortunately, it’s very easy to find a professional garage door supplier/installer these days, and most are only too happy to provide you with professional advice and an obligation free quotation before you make a decision. Take note of these handy tips to select the right garage doors and enhance the curb appeal of your investment property.

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