Keep Your Lawn in Top Condition with these Simple Home Lawn Care Tips


A well manicured, beautiful lawn not only looks appealing, but enhances your property, a lawn which is cared for and maintained can add value to your premises, so it is extremely important to take an interest in your lawn and keep it in tip top shape. Taking care of your lawn is not a difficult process and these simple tips will help you preserve that healthy, stunning look.

Cutting the Grass

It is important to mow your lawn appropriately to help improve photosynthesis, if you cut your lawn too short you will damage the roots of the grass causing your lawn to become discoloured and unattractive. You want to make sure that enough undergrowth is exposed to sunlight without cutting the grass too tight, additionally, avoid cutting the lawn when the grass is wet, only take out the mower on dry days.


It is better to focus on maintaining your lawn rather that cutting it only when you think it is getting overgrown, aim to mow the lawn regularly and keep the grass trimmed at all times. It is much easier to maintain a lawn as opposed to cutting it when needed, the problem with the latter is that bushes and trees can become overgrown and encroach on your lawn, this makes it far more difficult to maintain a healthy garden.


This is an obvious, but a vitally important tip for lawn care and maintenance, water usage will depend on the season so those warm summer months will require more care and attention. During the winter season your lawn will not require too much water and there may be times when it rains quite regularly, this helps save on water costs and minimises wastage. On particularly hot days, remember to water the lawn in the morning as this will reduce water evaporation and keep your lawn well hydrated.

Borders, Edging & Pathways

Do not forget to trim around the borders and edging, these extra steps will make your lawn look impeccably groomed and maintained, this process only adds to the value of your property, it gives your lawn a clean, well-kept appearance which enhances your whole landscape. Pathways should also be kept clear of additional foliage such as leaves and branches, maintaining these additional areas will help with the maintenance of your lawn.

Online Options

If you have little or no knowledge of lawn maintenance services or landscape preservation you can always go online and get answers from the professionals, there are a number of online companies who can help you maintain your lawn or point you in the right direction to find a company with the appropriate expertise in your area. There is an endless list of solutions online providing you with tips and tricks to properly maintain your lawn and other sections of your garden.

Some of the tips mentioned above are easy to follow methods which help keep your lawn looking healthy, fresh, and green throughout the year. It is important to remember, a well preserved lawn not only looks good, it adds value to your property.

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