Slate Roofing Is an Environmentally-Friendly Roofing Material


Because it is totally natural, roofing that is made of slate is a popular option. The roofing, which is featured in a number of colours, sizes, and thicknesses, is not only visually attractive but it will last for a long time with little need for maintenance. The durable slate, which configures nicely into a variety of architectural designs, offers fire resistant and waterproof capabilities, which adds to its overall appeal.

Another Slate Alternative

If you wish to choose a more affordable alternative to natural slate, you may want to consider roofing made of artificial fibre slate. Original slate roofs can also be re-covered if the surface shows nail decay or the roof has reached the end of its life.

Welsh Slate Roofs

Some of the styles of slate roofing include Welsh slate, Spanish and China slate, Swithland slate, and lighter-weight manmade fibre-cement slate roofs. Welsh slate adds kerb appeal to a home with its classic, natural look. The rugged roofing product is fire-resilient and offers a watertight seal. This type of slate is suggested for use on pitched-style roofs.

Swithland Slate

Professionals who offer roof services in Leicester state that Swithland slate, similar to Welsh slate, is a durable slate material and offers both water resistant and fireproof qualities. This type of slate roof is often included on pitched roofs of period-style or traditional homes.

Does Your Roof Feature Weight Restrictions?

If you are seeking a cost-efficient alternative to the above-described Welsh slate roof, you may be interested in Spanish and China slate. If your home’s roof is pitched and you need a roofing material that will conform to a weight restriction, you cannot go wrong with fibre-cement slate. These roofing enhancements are featured in an array of finishes and colours.

Other Services

Besides slate roofing materials, roofing contractors also offer roofs that are tiled or are made for flat roofing applications. In addition, you can receive ancillary services such as chimney inspections and repair, gutter replacement, or fascia and soffit capping. Therefore, when making a choice for a roof, you may want to consider one of these other services.

For example, if you wish to upgrade your roofline when you install a new roof, you may want to replace fascia boards made of wood with fascia boards constructed from uPVC. In addition, you may want to cap your wooden soffits with the same material.

Guttering Made of uPVC

The gutter can also be replaced with a gutter that is made of uPVC. The material that is used, uPVC, is short for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. When employed in guttering, this type of product offers an affordable option that provides a maintenance-free approach to preventing problems with damp inside the home.

When making a choice for a roof, it does not hurt to combine the installation of the roof with the installation of a robust gutter system that will keep your property safe from water ingress and absorption. High-performance gutters along with highly recognised roofing materials will keep your home secure and structurally safe and sound. Review the products today online to get a better overall picture.

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