Keep More of Your Money: Reviewing Some of the Best Ways to Diminish Your Energy Bills


Overhead costs are tantamount to running a commercial business, but it’s important to note that they are also ever-present in our home lives, as well. From taxes and TV licenses to insurance premiums, groceries, and the like, there are many unrelenting expenditures that weigh on our budgets each month.

This guide will help you reduce the most draining of all residential overhead costs, your energy outlays.

Fine-Tuning Your Energy Habits

It has long been said that a little effort goes a long way, and this aphorism rings true with regard to energy efficiency as well:

  • The median room temperature in UK homes is currently 19°C, but if you turned it down to 18°C you’d save an extra £80 per annum.
  • Deterring draughts by capping your smokestack, caulking the cavities around entryways, and applying sealants to your casements will keep an additional £45 in your pocket during the winter seasons.
  • Forwarding regular meter readings to your utility provider will help you moderate wild swings in your bill from season to season; accurate readings are affordable readings.

Most notably, however, you should touch base with the best boiler servicing in Gosport and substitute your archaic G-rated boiler with a proficient A-rated appliance.

How Much Will a New Boiler Save?

As determined by the professionals from the Energy Trust, up to 55% of your domestic overhead costs stem from boiler usage, so a new system can obviously make a world of difference.

Updating your boiler will generate yearly savings of up to £380 according to various consumer watchdog groups, so link up with a local technician for your toll-free inspection.

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