Has Your Roof Been Storm-Damaged?


Nothing is more upsetting that looking up and finding that part of your roof has been damaged. If your roof has been damaged during a storm, however, you can use your insurance cover to pay for the repair. That way, you can contact a reliable roofer to take care of the problem without too much concern. The sooner you contact a business, the better. You do not want another storm to roar through your area and take off more of your roof.

Full-Service Repairs

Therefore, time is of the essence when you are contacting reliable roofing services in Nottingham about repairing a storm-damaged roof. Make sure that you choose a full-service roofing company. Full-service businesses provide the following:

  • Repairs of tiles and slates
  • Repairs of gutters
  • Fascia and soffit repairs
  • Leadwork repairs
  • Solutions for leaking

Other Services of Note

You can also ask the same company about dormer installations, chimney work, and roofs for conservatories. By using a full-service provider, you can get any damage fixed without the need to call around town. When selecting a company, make sure that you obtain a free quote to give to your insurance company and ask about the payment policy.

What Is the Payment Policy?

If you can find a roofing company that does not require an up-front deposit or payment, that is even better. Locate a roofer that will not charge you until the work is completed or after a time period of 30 days. By taking this approach, you can prevent any problems with dishonesty.



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