Identifying Water Line Problems and Hiring Pros for Water Line Repair


When you are a property owner, it is important to ensure that the sewer and water lines coming from the public utility connection are in a perfect condition. It is your responsibility to keep this line away from experiencing any leakage or other problems that require immediate water line repair. Understand that if you overlook a small issue now, you will end up spending more money to perform a repair later.

Depending on the location of the problem, you may have to spend thousands of dollars to perform the repair work. In most cases, you have to spend an average of $2,600 on water line repair, but the amount could go up to $10,000 if your sewer line breaks under the street, just before the tap. Spending this much of money can destroy your family budget and put you in serious trouble. It is worth mentioning that rules regarding which repair work comes under your responsibilities may vary from state to state. Sometimes, you are only responsible for the line that is right underneath your property. Still, getting it repaired can cost you a lot.

Statistics show that national repair average for a water main is $1,030, whereas it is around $2,600 for a sewer line repair. Of course, some problems can be trickier to handle and cost more, especially when you need to have a line replaced. So many factors may explain that there is a problem big enough to call for a line replacement. For instance, you may smell raw sewage or come across damp spots in your lawn. This means you should immediately call a plumber to help identify the extent of damage.

Once you have confirmed that there is something that needs a plumber, the next step is to actually go find the best one. You will have to comb through local plumbers in order to find a trustworthy plumber in your local area. This can be a tricky task, especially when you are not enrolled with a repair service or have never hired a plumber before. Be sure to check how experienced they are and whether or not they can offer their services in your local area. Remember, they will have to obtain permits to dig, so you need to hire a professional and knowledgeable plumber only.

Keep in mind that so many factors can affect the amount of money you have to spend in order to have your water line repaired. For instance, some contributing factors are the location of the problem, length of the line, and overall plumber fees. Depending on how long the repair takes, you may end up spending more. What type of pipe you have installed will affect the overall cost – older, outdated pipes are usually difficult to repair and may cost more. So, be sure to maintain your water lines properly to avoid dealing with the hassle of finding a pro and getting water line repaired.


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