How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Real Estate Business


When it comes to social networks, we can all agree – Facebook is almost too big to ignore. If you do not have a proper website, you will bleed money; if you do not have a Facebook page, more so. Facebook is in such a good position that some businesses practically focus all of their marketing efforts on this platform, and it is easy to understand why. Customers are drawn to this network, it is easy to use, it reaches almost everyone alive, and there are so many tools to target your audience in the best possible way – it has everything you need.

But, when you think about it, many businesses use Facebook sub-optimally when they, for example, create a private profile with their business logo as a profile image. This might sound funny to you, but you’d be surprised how many small business actually do this. In this article, we will ignore such actions, and will focus solely on improving your overall Facebook appearance, how to optimize it to see an increase in both the number of people engaged with your posts, as well as the visitors on your website.

  1. Focus on Images

Even though Facebook is perfect for almost any kind of media, from lengthy textual posts to videos, images usually bring the most engagement – it is simple to understand why. Images can easily be converted into memes and well adjusted to people scrolling through their feed on their laptops and mobile devices. Before you post your image, make sure that it is of optimal quality, that the content is not offensive in any way, and that will certainly attract engagement.

With a bit more knowledge in photo-editing, you can easily insert almost anything that comes to mind. Do not forget to add a link to your website for your readers.

  1. Be Natural, Do Not Force It

When posting on Facebook, you will always want to cater to younger audiences by using an abundance of hashtags or emojis, but make sure to use only what makes sense. Forcing something can produce totally opposite results. It will look unprofessional. Even when creating content on your website, make sure to use a tone and style appropriate for your business niche.

When creating specific content, it would be wise to read search engine optimization company reviews and even hire a team of professional that can help you find a solution that fits your needs best.

After you publish a post from your website, you can use questions to engage people, or simply ask for their opinion on the matter. Over time, engagement will rise – you cannot expect 100 people on your very first post.

  1. Post on Time

As with everything in life, punctuality is essential. You will need to post updates regularly, and you can easily make a schedule to help you with that. For example, you can post one to two relevant and interesting images daily, but only post bigger updates two to three times a week. You can sync that with the times you post on your website so that your audience always knows when to expect your next update.

Post when people take breaks or when they commute. Usually, people are on Facebook during this time.

  1. Do Not Hide

Feel free to engage customers and respond in the comment section. Do so in a professional and polite manner – you do not want to insult anyone, but feel free to add a bit of flair if you feel like it. The same goes for your messages. It is extremely important to answer any inquiries on time, so make sure your phone is set up to receive notifications.

Ask for feedback, and do not be scared of apologizing when you make a mistake. It will mean a lot to people who follow you to know that you are an actual human being, and not just some business robot. The communication on your profile should feel natural. Otherwise, people will ignore you. If you feel that this is too time consuming, many people hire social media managers to do that for them.

If you put some effort into your Facebook strategy, you will see results quite quickly, which is one of the greatest perks of this network. Make sure to talk with your audience not to them, and they will start talking back.

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