5 Essential Building Services Under a Single Roof


Like everything else, the building supplies industry is taking advantage of the digital revolution, and with certain suppliers tailoring their services to fit the small builder and the DIY enthusiast, you can now order a wide range of building materials and equipment  from a single online supplier. Low prices and prompt service are just two things you can expect when you deal with an online building materials supplier, and for those who would like a clearer idea of what they offer, here are just a few of the essential materials that you might need.

  1. Timber – Architrave, skirting, door and window frames would all be on the list, and all types of timber and composites would be available, possibly cut and planed to size. You might be undertaking a roofing project, or perhaps are going to put down some decking to brighten up the patio, and by ordering pre-cut timber, you can save yourself a lot of hard work. If you live in or near London, Abee Hire are an established supplier who are well-known for their dedication to their clients, big and small.
  2. Scaffolding Hire – Modern scaffold towers are light, strong, and easy to assemble, and unless you already own such a system, working above height requires a reliable platform. Safety must always be a priority, and with online solutions, you can order at any time of day and night, and be sure that the apparatus will be in place at the agreed time.
  3. Ready Mixed Concrete – The days of mixing sand and cement online are finally over, and with ready mix delivered to your door, the project can be completed on time. The majority of the work is in the ground preparation and once everything is ready, the wet mix can be poured into area, which means you do need reliability.
  4. Plant Hire – Essential for the small builder, some DIY enthusiasts require heavy equipment sometimes. It might be a small excavator, or perhaps a chainsaw, and with affordable rates, you can hire whatever you need to complete the job. Without essential plant on site, the small builder would grind to a halt, and there is a wide range of items he might need. Compressed air and electricity generators, grab lorries and bulldozers would all be available, and whether you needed an item for a few hours or a couple of days, the supplier can oblige.
  5. Skip Hire – If you live in an urban environment, you will need something for waste storage, and the right sized skip will be the perfect solution. The local authority is very strict about disposing of non-household waste, and whenever you are building, you will create some form of waste.

There would be other essential items on the menu, and if you would like to source an online material supplier, a Google search will reveal likely contenders, and once you have formed an alliance, any future needs will be taken care of.

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