Preparing Your Home for Summer


Summer isn’t that far away, which means you’ve only got a few months before it brings all that gorgeous weather that make us want to clean up those outdoor spaces and put them to good use once again. Along with cleaning up your patio and doing some gardening, you may also like to look at updating your patio doors, which isn’t only beneficial in summer, but all year round. Here are a few tips to help you prepare your home for summer and make the most of your outdoor spaces!

Clean Your Patio

If your patio’s looking a little under-loved coming out of winter, you’re hardly alone there, though it won’t take you long to prepare it in readiness for all that summer entertaining you’re going to do. While cleaning your patio, evaluate your patio doors and if they’re old and tired,consider upgrading to attractive aluminium bifold doors that maximise space and provide a great view of the outdoors from the interior of your home.


There’s nothing like a bit of sunshine and warm weather to bring out the colours of the garden, but it’s often the case that the gardens need a bit of love and attention to restore them to their natural glory after the winter. When your garden is in full bloom and looking great, it makes sitting outside and using those outdoor spaces more appealing, empowering you to make the most of the summer.

New Patio Doors

This is a major home renovation project and it isn’t one that you’ll be doing every year. However, upgrading your patio doors can make a significant difference to what you get out of your outdoor spaces in summer. What’s more, choosing the right patio doors, like aesthetically appealing aluminium bifold doors, can allow a heavenly breeze to flow through your home and open it to the view of your patio and outdoor spaces. As there are many different styles of patio doors to choose from, it’s vital that you select the best doors for your space. The three main styles of patio doors are:

  • Folding

Folding patio doors are usually available in three different configurations – 2-panel, 3-panel and 4-panel configurations – to suit the width of the door entrance. These are a great choice for all patio areas and when folded back offer an uninhibited view.

  • Sliding

A very popular patio door style that’s easy to operate and maintain, sliding patio doors feature a stationary panel and a sliding panel. They’re an excellent choice of door for narrow patio entrances.

  • Swinging

Swinging patio doors are like two standard entrance doors side by side with hinges on the side of the frame. They work well with homes of all styles, so you can choose swinging patio door whether you have a home that’s contemporary or traditional in style.

Additionally, when preparing your home for the coming summer, make sure your air conditioning unit is operating properly and don’t forget to check your gutters before the summer storms strike!

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