Have Your Home Heating Oil Delivered


If you want to simplify part of managing your home, consider having your home heating oil delivered. Heating your home consistently is important for your safety, as well as that of your family. The infrastructure of your home also benefits from constant temperature maintenance. When you set up heating oil deliveries, you don’t have to worry about running out of fuel on a cold day or remembering to schedule a time to buy heating oil.

Fortunately, delivery of heating oil is available to those in Belfast. With a simple call to your local heating oil provider, you can set up a convenient delivery of heating oil for your home. You don’t have to worry about cold weather with the confidence that comes with a well-fuelled heater.

Kerosene or Gas Oil

One of the things you should determine when setting up your heating oil delivery is what type of heating oil your appliance uses. Chances are it is one of two choices: kerosene or gas oil. There are several names for kerosene, including Jet A1 Kero, or simply ‘home heating oil.’ In the vast majority of homes today, the oil boiler is fired with kerosene. Kerosene is very popular in Northern Ireland for cookers as well. With a local heating oil provider, you can schedule delivery of your kerosene so it’s convenient for you.

The other common type of fuel is gas oil. While this isn’t as common as kerosene, some homes do use it. It’s also used as fuel for commercial buildings and non-road vehicles. Fortunately, you can have gas oil delivered too, so you can make sure your boiler is ready to heat your home during the coldest days.

Easy Delivery Options

With certain fuel providers, you can set up planned delivery so it’s easy and convenient for you. When you work with good providers, they use certain data such as the average daily temperature and knowledge of your system to calculate when your oil will need to be refilled. They come out to fill your tank when it runs low, giving you a discounted price. Then the calculations start again so your tank will be filled the next time it runs low. You don’t have to do anything, so it’s completely convenient, and you can trust that your tank will remain fuelled and ready to go.

A planned delivery system is beneficial for the oil providers as well as you. With delivery planned, it’s easier for them to schedule their route and keep track of their inventory. Additionally, it reduces the need for emergency top up service, which can be inconvenient and expensive. If you can find a provider that will plan a delivery system for you, it’s a good benefit for you and the provider.

To keep your home warm in the cold months, it’s important to make sure you have adequate fuel for your boiler or cooker. Once you determine whether your boiler uses kerosene or gas oil, you can work with a provider to set up a scheduled delivery. This option is convenient for everyone involved, saving time and money.

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