I’ve Found Termites in my House. What Do I Do?


Finding termites in your home can be a huge shock. Don’t worry; your house isn’t like to collapse around your ears just yet. Knowing how to handle this damaging insect pest is your first step. Even if it seems to you that termites are a “southern” problem, you’ll find that even New Jersey exterminators know how to handle termites because they can be an issue anywhere.

Are You Sure They’re Termites?

A pro would be able to tell you for sure, but there are a few signs you can look for on your own. If you are actually seeing the termites themselves, they stand out from ants by their bigger heads and large jaws. You probably will be seeing other signs of termites though, not the bugs themselves.

Outside your house, there will be odd looking tubes of dirt that lead up from the soil of your yard, over the cement of the foundation. This is how they access the wood of your house, through these tunnels that they build up over the foundation. No other insect does this, so when you see mud tubes, you can be certain they are termites. So now what do you do?

Take Care of Them Yourself

If you don’t see extensive damage, you might want to handle it on your own. There are some fairly easy DIY steps you can take to deal with termites, and several products you can buy at the hardware store. Firstly, take some time to make sure you really have termites in the first place. Then you can get to work. Boric acid is the main ingredient used in termite treatments, and you can use baits to poison them or sprays/foams to treat the wood where the termites are living.

You should also see if there are any spots outside near your home that have become a home-base for the termites, such as rotting tree stumps or even structures like decks or sheds. Getting rid of these sites can help you with your battle indoors. Adding the boric products along the walls and foundation will keep any outside termites from getting back in.

The real catch in handling this on your own is that so many termites can be living deep in the wooden structure of your house, doing damage all while completely invisible to you. It can be very difficult to effectively treat what you can’t find.

Hire a Professional

Considering the amount of damage that termites can cause to your home, this may really be the better option. Handling ants and spiders on your own is one thing, but termites are a whole new ballgame and the stakes are higher.

A good professional termite treatment will have several parts to it, including a liquid application to create a barrier around your home to keep them out, and a foaming product that can help eliminate termites inside their woodwork tunnels. Pros know where to look, and how to identify the best spots for termite treatments.

If you completely unsure of what to do when you find termites in your home, you’re probably safest to call in a professional.

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