Faking Grass in Lawns is In -Know Why!


The talk of Artificial Grass is in the air in present times. The putting greens and the synthetic turf trend in gardening and lawns are at an unstoppable high rise. The convenience related to the artificial green is countless and so are the reasons of its ever increasing demand. There are varied options available now both for buying synthetic turfs from markets or even getting it done from landscape designers from the very scratch.  One of the best names in the list of landscape designers is Newlawn’s expert services in artificial grass installations. To find out more about them do visit https://www.newlawn.co.uk.

There are valid reasons for the business of Artificial Grass or synthetic turfs to be one among the rapidly growing ones, at least here in the UK. They are follows:

A true Eye-catcher

Come what may, installing fake grass on your lawn or backyard will definitely have frequent eye’s turning to your home from the neighborhood. It doesn’t matter whether you are amidst extreme heat of summers, chilling cold of winters or even severe rainfall. The putting greens will never demand constant checks from your side as the natural grass lawns generally do. You no longer have to worry about watering your lawns or the grass turning yellow or even better, rid yourself from the frustration of mud bath that can be a consequential factor after every football game. While the traditional live grass lawns give but take a lot as well, the artificial grass, even though is an initial big investment, will only give. Do you have adorable pets at your place but you are fed up with their digging habits? Doesn’t worry, artificial grass give you the answer to it. For better clarifications with the landscape solutions, please visit the official website of Newlawns i.e. www.newlawn.co.uk.

Suit’s to all your requirements

In natural grass lawns you can trim the grass as per your needs. You may be thinking how that customization will happen if you go on installing an artificial turf. To clear all confusions, the synthetic turfs that are now available in vary grass options that will suit your exact requirements. There is around a total of 50 grass types when it comes to artificial grass, each for different purposes. Some unique ones are pet grass, shock-proof padded artificial grass, putting greens etc.

Minus all mowing efforts

Don’t be tied to the mower even on Sundays. Instead lie on the green sward of artificial grass and have a relaxing time with friends and family. Unlike live grass lawns, the synthetic turf does not require mowing at any time. In case there dry leaves or anything obstructing the lush green look of the artificial grass, all you need is either a hose pipe or a broom to sweep it off. However, your landscape designer will always recommend a yearly cleaning to maintain and increase the longevity of your investment.

The intact fun element

Artificial Grass gives you a wide range of possibilities to decorate your garden space with colored and patterned grass, grass miniature animals and figures etc.

So, go for more fun and less mundane with Artificial Grass Installations.

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