5 Tips for Updating Your Flooring When Selling Your Home


When you are getting ready to sell your home, you want to maximize the value and the selling price with a minimum investment. You also want to increase the appeal of your home so that it will sell quickly. Updating your flooring is one way that you can quickly transform your home and make it more appealing to buyers, while maximizing your return on investment. Before diving into a flooring upgrade project, however, be sure to consider the following tips.

  1. Remove Worn Rugs

Worn rugs can make a home seem dingy and may deter buyers that weren’t planning on spending money on upgrades and renovations right away. In some cases, it may be possible to simply remove the rugs and clean the floors underneath. However, in most cases rugs are installed to cover up less-than-perfect floors. It is best to remove worn rugs with a plan to replace the flooring if the subfloors are damaged or unappealing.

  1. Cover or Replace Dated Tile

Tile and other floor types that are clearly outdated can make a home look like a project for buyers. Replacing old tile with modern or timeless flooring options such as bamboo or hardwood can have a maximum impact, but may not yield the best return. Covering older tile with laminate or another inexpensive option may update the look of the home with minimal effort and money spent.

  1. Don’t Install Wall to Wall Carpet

Wall to wall carpet can get pricey and may be a deterrent for buyers that prefer other flooring types. Other flooring options are generally better when you are looking to sell. If the flooring really needs an upgrade, but you are trying to keep the project as inexpensive as possible, consider options like laminate or even linoleum tile.

  1. Consider Your Home Décor

When updating your flooring for a sale, make sure to consider your home décor. Installing hardwood in a kitchen with wooden cabinets can give the whole room a rustic flare that may appeal to buyers. If your living room is super modern, customized tiles may elevate the home to luxury standards. Considering your home décor may help you to go beyond just saving money or performing a minimal upgrade and help you create a specific feel that improves the home’s salability.

  1. Shop Around for Best Value

Before settling on a flooring type or price, be sure to visit your local flooring store to price your options and speak with experts. Flooring experts may have advice about which flooring options are trending and may even be able to tell you about products that are on sale. Shopping around can help you to both save money and maximize the value of your upgrade.

Just taking a little time to research your flooring options before selling your home may help you to get the maximum possible for your home sale!

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