Enhance your indoors with the best form of Biophilic design – Make humans happier


Biophilia was first made famous by Edward O. Wilson in the 1980s and it was touted to be the urge for human beings to correlate with another life. Of late, biophilia has been incorporated directly in interior design and architecture, thereby boosting the well-being and performance of people who occupy indoor spaces. You will be rather surprised to know that Biophilic design enhances both physiological and psychological health and this is particularly vital for those who spend 90% of their day inside their homes. Let’s check out the benefits of Biophilic design.

  1. Creates happy and healthier environments at work

According to research, it has been seen that there are amazing benefits Biophilic design. The designs which include nature or copy the natural systems are always related to boosting creativity, decreasing levels of stress and facilitate the recovery process from illnesses. When Biophilic design is incorporated in workplaces, it improves the well-being of the employees and assists in other financial benefits like plummeting sick leaves.

  1. There’s more to biophilia than just plants

The most obvious way in which Biophilia can be included in indoors is by adding plants but this is just the tip of the iceberg. It is seen that humans respond to biomorphic arrangements and patterns. Although the patterns might be non-living, the brains related them with the representation of living things. Use of fractals and patterns are referred to as biomicry and this is a rather holistic approach.

  1. Light plays a vital role

Unless you maximize the entry of natural light, you can’t ever save on energy and utility bills. If you can install a lighting system which can artificially or naturally change for the whole day to copy the circadian rhythm, this will help the people to link themselves to the outdoors and keep you on track with the 24 hour cycle. Whenever you can maximize the natural light, this will help you improve your visual comfort.

  1. Human mind and body always appreciate water’s presence

If you can add interventions which include the presence of water, this can have several health benefits like lowered and controlled heart rate, stable blood pressure and restoration of memory. Research has revealed that when water is present, this boosts the feeling of tranquillity and this can always be an overall preference.

  1. Fake nature can also be beneficial

Although it is true that adding real nature will always be better to reap benefits of Biophilic design but when you mimic nature, this can also have some benefits. When you add natural paintings and utilize biomorphic patterns, this boosts the perception and idea of space. So, even when you mimic nature, this can be a viable option.

Therefore when you’re worried about the ways in which Biophilic design can help your indoor environment, you should take into account the above listed ideas. Incorporate them within your office environment or inside your home to get the best results.

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