Cost Effective Solutions For Working At Heights


If you are the kind of homeowner that likes to carry out home improvements yourself, you will often require a platform for working above ground. It might be a bit of plastering you are doing in the spare room, or pruning those trees that overhang the roof, but whatever the task at hand, it is essential to have a safe ladder – or tower – from which to work. The latest generation of scaffold towers, for example, can be adjusted to suit the level you require, and with uneven surfaces, it is possible to set each corner to the desired height, ensuring you have a stable platform to perform the task.

Safe Access

Whether you are cleaning out the guttering at home, or working on a building site, you require a safe access solution, and with the latest generation of steel scaffold towers, you have a safe working platform that can be set to the right height. The traditional pair of stepladders has undergone a radical design, and with legs that can pivot, it is possible to create a range of platforms that are suitable for working in various environments, and a single pair of so called stepladders can also be a rigid, square platform, and with extendable legs that can be set to different heights, you will always have a solid base from which to work.

Scaffold Towers

Available in aluminium and lightweight steel, this is designed with the DIY enthusiast in mind. Inter-connectable pieces can quickly form a platform, which can be up to 5m in height. The unit has wheels for easy movement, and with each one having independent braking, your working platform will indeed be solid. Modern access towers allow the handyman to carry out all of the essential tasks at height, as it can be reformed and adjusted accordingly. This means you only need to purchase one tower, and you are covered for any eventuality. Whether inside or out, the light and easy to assemble towers can quickly be in place, and there’s no need to have someone holding the base, as one would with a ladder.

Mobile and Light

The typical domestic tower weighs in at less than 25kg, which is manageable for everyone, and with a simple, but strong connection system, the sections can easily be added, reaching up to 5m, which is more than adequate in any domestic environment. While there is always the risk of an accident when working on the home or in the garden, working above ground involves an added danger, in that you are not on solid ground. Working with heavy scaffolding or old ladders greatly increases the chance of a fall, and with a state of the art DIY access tower, you couldn’t have a safer platform.

If you would like to source a good quality access tower, an online search will take you to the website of a provider, and at lower than retail prices, you really can’t go wrong.


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