All About the Art of Landscaping


We have all visited beautiful curated gardens in varied offices, homes, public parks etc. The manicured lawns, the neatly laid rows of flower beds, the tier of rocks or neatly pruned bushes make you go ga ga over the person who has done and maintained it. Such kind of work is known as landscaping where the given land is transformed by using plants, structures and terrain too. Arrangement of the plants is done by using fences, rocks and fountains to give a more appealing look. The terrain can be raised or lowered in certain parts or giving it a layered look. Talk to a Kitchener Landscaping expert for more knowhow.

The Art of Landscaping

 Landscaping is first done with assessing the area, what the owner wants, giving suggestions and ideas to help him/her choose from the innumerable options, then, getting down to designing and constructing the desired landscape. The professional has to be with you during every step and get your approval all along the way.

When you have a proper plan in place it eventually gives the right effect, just jumpstarting the ideas will give not so good results.

The adding of natural elements and bodies of water or landforms or playing with lighting and weather will add to the dramatic effect of the area.

The essentials to be understood while landscaping


  • First and foremost, the topography of the area should be looked into.
  • The kind of soil if it is not plant friendly, whether it can be replaced or enhanced
  • The prevailing winds of the region and the kind of the weather that is prevalent most time of the year, so that such kind of plants will only survive.
  • The depth of the frost line, as the snowfall will completely ruin the planned landscape if it is not made all weather and look good in all weathers.
  • Certain lands which are chosen for landscaping are not fit all for the job and the land has to be graded accordingly.
  • Removing of the soil, sand or gravel is known as knowing as cutting and adding a slope to the landscape would be known as filling.

The practicalities to be thought while landscaping


  • Whether landscaping will blend with your home. Talk to a Kitchener Landscaping expert for more knowhow.
  • Check the costs involved as hiring a professional and adding aesthetic value to the garden will require a lot of money.
  • The energy costs also go up, the water used and the lighting etc.
  • The maintenance costs to maintain the landscape such as trimming, watering, adding fertiliser, spraying of pesticides etc.
  • If the landscaping is done for a real estate listing then it should have the curb appeal, which means that it should cater to the tastes to all kinds of prospective dwellers.

The last but not the least, when you are landscaping see that the original structure of your house is not damaged and it blends in perfectly with what you set out to do.

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