Advantages of Installing Water Meters


Water meters are the most accurate and reliable way to pay your water bills. Just like gas and electricity, water meters are based on what you use. It has been observed by several water supplying companies in the UK that people with water meters tend to use less water as compared to those who don’t have water meters. This also helps to conserve this valuable resource.

Everyone has the right to have a water meter installed, unless and otherwise it is not practical or is unfairly expensive to do. Not only the home owners, but tenants (with a tenancy agreement for 6 months or longer) can also ask for a water meter.

There are several advantages of using water meters at home such as:

  • You can have a complete control over your water bills when you know that you are paying only for the water that you actually use.
  • Water meters help to encourage people to use less water and stop any kind of water wastage.
  • Using less water leads to reduced energy bill as the size of the bill totally depends on the water consumption.
  • Water meters are the easiest and precise way to find out any water leaks
  • Many water companies fit water meters for free on request
  • Many water companies also provide water usage calculators to help their customers to work out how much they are expected to pay if they have a meter

Those who don’t have water meter, their energy bill usually based on the rateable value of their home. Switching to a water meter can really help you to lower your energy bill. Further, it makes environmental sense as well. These days, there are number of energy supplying companies in the United Kingdom, supplying water services to millions of customers. Severn Trent Water is well-reckoned name in the water supplying industry. They provide water services to more than 8 million people across a large area from the Bristol Channel to the Humber and from mid Wales to the East Midlands.

Severn Trent Water Company provides water meter for free on request. One can use the Severn Trent contact number to install a water meter. Their professional fitters will come to your house and fit a free water meter. They will first check whether the meter can be fitted outside without any difficulties. If not, they will check to see if it can be fitted inside the property.

If you are considering switching to a water meter, contact your water company today. After all, if you can save a substantial amount, installing water meter is undoubtedly a good idea.

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