Commercial-Scale Solar Powered Photovoltaic Panels


Not just in the United States, but the commercial electricity rates are usually higher than the residential connections everywhere and they vary industry to industry. Businesses require a greater amount of energy, so spending a large amount of hard earned income on the energy bills is always heartbreaking. But not anymore, keep reading this page, as we’re about to present you a plan for a long term saving.

Install commercial scale solar panels or photovoltaic (PV) cells to your business sites and see the difference. Just to make the introduction part clear, solar PV panels aren’t just limited to residential use, they’re already being employed in non-residential since a long. Sixty years ago, the price for such panels were unreal, about $2000 for 1 Watt, the only practical use for them were in space for the satellites. Thanks to our scientific society, the situation is fairly reasonable now. The cost per kWh in commercial connection and the existing cost of solar panels tells the story that the ROI (return on investment) period in commercial scale PV installation is even quicker than the residential.

Reason to install a Commercial Scale Solar Panel today!

There are many perks of installing commercial scale solar panels, here is a short list.

Economic– It’s just one-time big investment, still having such panels is considered economical if you could compare the commercial kWh charts. Additionally, the overall investment will be free in 10 years or so.

Promotion – One distinct feature can make the difference in the age of competition. Installing commercial scale solar panels will promote your business. A wise businessperson would care for the environment in the era when everyone is polluting it.

Environmental – Solar panel reduce the carbon footprints. It’s not a benefit to you, but it should be your directive principle to care for the environment when you’re capable of doing it.

Backup – Solar panels provide a backup in case of scheduled/unscheduled power-cuts or grid failure. You’ll still be connected to the grid but there won’t be a total dependency.

Federal Investment Tax Credit – Owners will be given a tax credit of 30% of the total cost of the system by the Federal Investment Tax Credit. Additionally, the states also provide some relief (vary from state to state)

Durability – Solar Panels endure till 30-years or so. Plus, the PV module typically comes with a20-yearwarranty.

Resale Value –It’s a thumb rule that the panel will degrade by about 1% each year. So even after they’re obsolete for your commercial usage. They’ll still be robust for some homes.

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Reduce the Daily Operating Cost

Electricity supplied from the grid is becoming expensive year by year. Are you fortunate enough with your profit percentage in similar trend? If the answer is no, install an array of the commercial scale solar panel today. If you’re stubborn, you’ll still have to move to the solar energy sooner or later, fossil powered grid won’t be very beneficial for your business in a few years.

            Sure, the situation has challenges for today. Like the expensive cost of batteries, which store excess power for the night time and rains. However, the costs are coming down. Solar energy is the future and you should accept the fact today.


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