Window Cleaners – Who Are They?


During a Saturday afternoon after a half day of work in the office, most people go home for general cleaning which includes laundry, cleaning the house and compound cleanup but rarely includes windows cleaning. This is because cleaning your windows is not an easy job and demands a lot of attention and is time consuming. This calls for professionals who can specialize with this kind of particular job. Other than cleaning windows and homesteads, the large-scale of this kind of profession is cleaning office windows and tall buildings that host many professional jobs. In starting a window cleaners company, one will be required to have the necessary knowledge about the tools that are used for this job and how to use each of this equipment.


Professionalism in this case applies for a cleaner who is ready to follow their clients’ instructions and add more value to the pleasure of the client. This kind of business requires high level of confidentiality and trustworthiness since clients are entrusting the cleaner with their houses and personal space.


Every kind of cleaning requires some kind of cleaning soap and or detergents. This increases the number of poisonous liquids that are available in a household. Outsourcing these services means that you eliminate one of the many type of detergents in your house. The cleaners also need to know their detergents and use them according to the type of environment they are working on. For a house with little kids playing around everywhere, the detergents used need to be nontoxic to eliminate all health hazards. These detergents should also keep away unwanted insects and animals; there are some nice smelling detergents that will attract unwanted insects and therefore the need for this precaution.


These are the tools for work. The type of equipment required for this kind of work depends on the location, height and the type of window being cleaned. There are many advanced equipment with the current technology that are at the disposal of the cleaners. This equipment include; window cleaning squeegee, hip bucket on belt, vacuums and washing cloth squeegee bucket sponge among others.

The Process

The process of window cleaning involves a series of activities which range from dusting off to drying off the windows. Dusting off involves the use of a dry cloth and other dry tools specifically for this job. This is then followed by the process of scrubbing off all the dirt using the equipment and some detergents. This is the major part of the process since the cleaner has to be keen and thorough to remove all the dirt on the glass. It also involves the cleaning of the window frames. The glass should be cleaned on both sides to ensure that it is lest spotless.

Cleaning your windows is as important as cleaning the floor of your house. The dust and dirt on the windows might even be more than that on the floor and thus regular cleaning should be done on the windows too. Always take time to clean your windows of take the easy way of hiring professional window cleaners.


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