Top 5 Products For Gardeners


Selecting the best tools for your gardening exercise

Wonder what is more pleasing when gardening – the healthy outdoor routine, the dose of fresh air and sunshine, or the vitamin enriched harvest of fruits and vegetables? Well, all these activities could be so pleasing when you come to the garden prepared with the right tools. Except you don’t mind ending this experience with a strained back, broken nails, scratched hands and what have we? In order to have an experience that includes less of such mishaps, here are five of the essential tools that can make your gardening a pleasant chore.

1. The Broadfork tool

This is a tool that is very famous for its ability to reduce the physical efforts that a gardener puts into tilling the soil. A gardener can easily use the broad fork tool to improve the soil, which yields more after getting a sufficient amount of tillage. Who needs a motorized rototiller when you have the broad fork tool? There is enough to benefit from the broad fork including its ease of use, the absence of noise, the capacity to reach a greater variety of garden areas and, of course, it is cheaper to purchase. You might probably be one of those comparing it to the Spalding fork; that would mean you haven’t considered how much time you can save with the width length that the broad fork tool can cover.

2. Nut Gatherers

How easy can gathering nuts get? Now you can get your nuts just by rolling this tool over them. Irrespective of the condition of the area – leaf piles or tall grass –the size and nature of the nuts, the pecan picker uppers are designed to collect nuts that you can later empty into a bucket when its cage gets full.

3. Hori Hori

Though the name sounds kind of funny, the horo hori appears to be a very useful tool to have in the garden. This tool comes in handy for a lot of purposes such as cutting, digging, weeding, and measuring. It takes the look of a knife and a trowel and can come in various sizes. Therefore, you can select one according to your preferences and gardening intent.

4. Spear Head Spade

When the need calls for a gardener to cut through dense roots and tough soil, the spearhead spade comes in very handy. This tool makes it look too easy cutting through sod and soil with almost no physical effort. And you shouldn’t worry about it being attacked by corrosion because of its polymer coating. Another benefit of its pointed head is to ensure that you can precisely cut through soil without affecting the root of other plants as you dig.

5. Pruners

When you are concerned about reducing fatigue and ensuring safety while engaging in some pruning tasks, then a comfortable and bypass pruner should be right by your side. There are a variety of models that you can look through to select one that would fit your preference. Look through some of the quality brands and you would easily find one that would work best for your gardening purposes.

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