Tile Patterns For All Applications


Tile is a durable wall and floor covering which can be used all over the home both inside and out.  However there are tile patterns which are better suited for certain situations and locations. So before you make any final decisions read on.


The kitchen is a room where we often spend hours a day, whether that means cooking or spending time eating or conversing with the family or guests. Therefore it’s important to have an attractive looking kitchen space for visual appeal.  There are quite a lot of tile layout patterns which work in the kitchen.  For the backsplash the running bond always works amazingly well regardless of what you use on the floor. Most homeowners do choose to go with medium or larger sized tile for kitchen floors and the straight lay, diagonal, and pinwheel tile pattern all make excellent options.


The bathroom is the place where many layouts shine.  Natural stones are popular here because you don’t need to purchase as many tiles due to the smaller size compared to other rooms in the house.  This can save you a lot of cash and give you a fabulous looking space.  Options like onyx tile used on a backsplash in the straight lay or running bond can be used as the entire focal point of the room.  For the floor you may want to go with mosaic tile as it offers more grip for slippery areas.  There are actually many mosaic tile patterns to choose from that are also easy to install since the patterns is already set in place by a mesh backing.  Even complicated layouts like the basket weave tile pattern can be installed by a novice using mosaics.


Neglecting the look of your outdoor walkways and patio is something you should never do. That’s because by doing so it can seriously detract from the look of your house itself and even in some cases the value of your property as a whole.  There are many floor tile patterns however to help you make it look its best.  For very large spaces you may want to consider the Versailles which is a very upscale and intricate layout.  But in smaller ones something a lot less busy like the straight lay is preferred.  Just be sure to pick a material that can handle the weather where you live.

Whether you’ll be using it in the kitchen, bathroom, outdoors or any location around the house tile always is a top choice.  But take a look at the tile patterns that work best where you will be installing it before you make any permanent decisions for the best results possible.

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