Three Tips for Keeping a Boiler Running Efficiently


A cold winter’s evening is the wrong time for your boiler to fail but it can happen if maintenance is neglected. To avoid waking up in a cold room, here are some tips for maintaining the boiler in your house.

Schedule Annual Service

Your boiler should be inspected every year by a Gas Safe engineer to ensure that it is operating safely and efficiently. Along with checking the major components for problems, he or she can also check the radiators to make sure that they can properly deliver heat. Schedule servicing during September before the weather turns cool so it is ready for use.

Balance Radiators

If your home has cool spots, examine the radiators to make sure that they are giving off heat properly. If some seem too hot and others too cold, adjust the temperatures of the radiators. If you have a large home, you should contact a plumbing company with trained engineers who work on boilers – servicing, replacements, and repairs in HD6.

Give Boiler Space

To work properly, a boiler needs ventilation. Leave space around the boiler so that air can circulate around it and so that an engineer has enough space to work on it when necessary. Do not store anything around the boiler, especially if it is enclosed in a box or closet. Check the boiler’s manual to find out the ventilation requirements for it and adhere to them so that it works properly.

If you take care of the boiler, it will run efficiently and keep your home cosy when it is cold and icy outside.

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