The Details On Maintaining Your Chimney


Those people who live in colder climates will surely appreciate the function of a fireplace, which means that the chimney must also be appreciated in its function. The purpose of a chimney is to provide a channel for the smoke to leave the house as well as provide ventilation for the home. Chimneys are often ignored, even by those who frequently use their fireplaces; the importance of these structures, however, is undeniable and they should be maintained to keep proper functionality of the chimneys and their connected fireplaces.

Maintaining Your Chimney

Just as any other piece of equipment or appliance in your home, chimneys must be maintained and cleaned to ensure proper functioning over time. There are many different factors that could cause a chimney to need maintenance or cleaning by hiring affordable chimney sweep services in Sevenoaks.

  • Creosote, which is a brown oil that comes from coal, can start to build up along the inside walls of your chimney and cause a fire if left uncleaned.
  • Soot buildup could leak carbon monoxide into your home.
  • Animals may make nests inside your chimney, keeping smoke from leaving the home and making it easier for pests to enter.

What Does a Chimney Sweep Do?

Chimney sweeps are professionals specifically trained in maintaining and cleaning chimneys. The way they do their job is very similar to typical sweeping or removing cobwebs with a broom, which is where the name of their profession would come from. The cleaning process can be done from either inside or outside and will remove anything stuck or building up inside your chimney.

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