The Basics on Window Types and Styles


Nowadays windows are available in a range of different designs and sizes and there are differences in things like opening mechanisms and structure, and also glass. Learn about replacing and renovating windows, as well as installing catches, shutters and glazing.

Window Types

  • There are various different sorts of windows.
  • In the past, most windows were of the side-hinged type, often referred to as casements, and sliding sash windows.
  • More modern opening mechanisms like friction and pivot hinges have now become increasingly popular.
  • The materials for windows, the shapes, and sizes can differ, so you should do some research and see what’s out there.
  • Replacement windows for those with older homes will possibly need to be custom-made by professionals in the window business.

Selecting the Perfect Windows

  • Traditionally, the same material and mechanism of new windows would be chosen to match the originals.
  • But ion of replacement windows now available, most people are upgrading the look and efficiency of their windows.
  • If you are considering replacing any windows at your home, or even building a new one, then you should consider modern energy-efficient products such as double glazed windows in Ayrshire.

Types of Window Materials

Windows are available these days in a number of various materials, with each material having benefits and disadvantages in terms of things like maintenance and overall looks.


  • As you probably are aware, in the past, windows were always made of wood, and wood is still somewhat popular due to its versatility.
  • If any old windows are draughty, it is possible to fit weather stripping.
  • Hardwood is expensive, but is durable and will only require oil for protection.
  • You can paint hardwood windows or leave them with a natural finish.
  • Softwood windows will have to be coated with paint or a natural wood finish, and regularly maintained.
  • Repainting will usually have to be done regularly.

PVC-u (Vinyl)

  • Top quality PVC-u double-glazed, windows provide superb heat and also sound insulation.
  • Nowadays, more than ever, older windows are being replaced throughout homes by these newer vinyl windows.
  • Along with white, there are nowadays other finishes available, as in different colours and wood-grain.
  • Vinyl requires minimal maintenance.


  • Aluminium was popular in the past as their thin frame can support a large expanse of glass.
  • But, aluminium happens to loose heat out of windows and has a habit of producing condensation.
  • Older aluminium windows were also prone to rust, although newer types are coated with an anti-rust sealant during manufacturing.

Other Types

  • Windows can also be constructed from a mixture of different materials.
  • Aluminium windows, for instance, will sometimes have a wooden core, and steel casements can be fitted into wooden frames to assist in a reduction of heat loss.
  • There are also frames with ornamental wood on the inside, and upkeep free fibreglass or vinyl exteriors are also on the market.

Whatever type of window or door you decide upon, make sure that you deal with a qualified company whom you can trust.

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