The Advantages Of Choosing Vinyl Flooring For Your Home


In Australia, vinyl flooring has been popular for many years and when people think about this popular covering, they think about the many options that are available in this versatile floor covering. It comes in sheets, planks and tiles and can be made to fit even the most unusual shapes of floors. Australians immediately choose this type of flooring because it was what their parents put on their floor in their first house together, and they remember playing on it as a kid. However, there are many advantages to putting this covering on your floor and we will look at some of them now.

  1. It Lasts A Long Time – A vinyl floor covering seems to last forever. It is so strong and durable, and if it is put down the correct way, the first time it is installed, then it also requires very little maintenance to keep it looking good as new. A quick wipe of a mop with some warm water and cleaner and it is shining like a new pin. It is a great surface for families with lots of kids as it can stand persistent use and is very resistant to most stains. Almost anything liquid can be spilled on it and quickly wiped up with relative ease.
  2. Many Designs To Choose From – The amount of designs for this popular floor covering is astounding to say the least. With carpet you are restricted to certain patterns and colours, but with vinyl, the options are endless. This great floor covering can copy any other floor covering like hardwood floors, stone floors and tile floors. It’s only when you get down on your hands and knees that you can see that it is not the real thing. When you decide to install vinyl flooring on the Sunshine Coast, you will find that you can get it in many textures, from smooth to non-slip for safety.
  3. So Easy To Take Care Of – Parents choose vinyl for one additional great reason and that is that it is so easy to clean. This type of floor covering is seen by many mothers as the sensible and hygienic choice. The covering itself is very resistant to water and they do not stain very easily. Almost all household cleaners can be used on it to get stains out and it won’t damage the vinyl itself. Unlike carpet, there is no where for germs and bacteria to hide  and if your kids are sufferers of asthma, then this is the perfect floor covering for you. Dust can be easily mopped up time and time again.
  4. Easy To Install – Vinyl comes in planks and sheets and so is very easy to put down on the floor. Tiles and planks can come with a peel and stick backing, which makes it very easy to do if you are a DIY enthusiast who likes to do the work themselves.

Vinyl has been the most popular floor covering in Australia and continues to remain so for the reasons stated above.  It’s cheaper, stronger and looks great in any home.


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