Take Your Home to the Next Level with LPG Boilers Today


Is it time to replace your old home boiler? Are you looking for an option that’s more efficient and eco-friendly? Then considering an LPG boiler may the right step for you. Using the latest technology, LPG boilers work by burning gas from oil extraction and refining that oil in order to create the necessary energy to heat any space. Here are a few ways in which choosing to install an LPG boiler can benefit your home today.

Lower Carbon Output

While LPG is certainly not an entirely clean source of energy, it’s still a lot better for the environment than regular oil. It produces around 20% less carbon, allowing you to feel good knowing you’ve lowered your home’s carbon footprint. When you find the best LPG boiler suppliers in East Cornwall, you can rest assured that your home has become significantly more eco-friendly through this one simple step.

Cheaper but More efficient

LPG boilers can save you significant amounts of money not only by being much less expensive to initially purchase, but also by being drastically more efficient than standard oil boilers in the following ways.

  • Less oil is burned
  • Faster output leads to easier heating
  • Condensing leads to 90% efficiency in heating tactics

Rather than installing a boiler which will lead to you spending much more money for less output, invest in an LPG boiler today and watch as your money is well spent through its efficiency and lower environmental impact.

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