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As homeowners and commercial building owners, we do our best to keep our property in a good condition. We may not always watch for it 24 hours a day, but we make sure that everything is well. Sometimes, we cannot avoid things to happen and problems may be experienced due to the building’s old age and occurrence of natural elements, such as strong wind, heavy rains, storms, typhoons and snow. Since we own the house or building, we are responsible in spending for its maintenance.

Most of the problems that we need to face has something to do with our roofing system, walls and the floors. As an ordinary human being, we cannot always apply temporary solutions to problems like damps. It is still best to ask for a professional help at the soonest time when problems were noticed. In such a way, the best possible solution or treatment will be made. You can find a lot of companies in Edinburgh, but trusting one is not easy. So, you may click here to visit one of the most reliable companies to choose from.

You can surely find variousdamp proofing companies in Edinburgh, offering different services. That’s why sometimes, what we need to treat our building is not usually offered in just one company. Therefore, your first step is to scout for services that a particular damp proofing company offers. So, let’s take the Edinburgh Damp Proofing Company as a good example. We have here the services that EDP covers, which may help you with your damp problems.

Damp Proofing

Due to the changing weather as well as occurrence of natural elements, we cannot avoid houses or buildings to get damages, such as cracks or holes on the wall and floor. Therefore, we should not be wasting time, instead we must find a solution, so that this problem will not lead to a bigger one.

This is a solution, where the damp proofing specialist or expert will either use a spray or hand method in applying the damp proofing. Through this, they will seal the cracks or holes found. It needs to be done properly to get the moisture off the wall or the ground. I have here a useful site for you to check what materials are used in damp proofing.

Timber Treatment

When a part of your building or house is made of wood, then it is very important for this material not to get moist. Therefore, you have to maintain and keep it dry to prevent it from molds as well as rotting.

Timber treatment is needed, especially if a part of the building’s exterior is made of wood. This treatment is not simply a protective coating, but a treatment added along with the coating. An expert will know what material is needed because each type of timber has its own property or feature.

Dry and Wet Rot Prevention

This is a fungal condition that needs to be prevented. For example, we have the SerpulaLacrymans, which causes dry rot. And then, the other one is wet rot, where fungi stay when there is moisture.

You need to prevent this to happen because it will lead to weakening of the structure or foundation of the building. Therefore, needs immediate solution when spotted. Go to to read more about the types of fungi, causing wood decay.

Woodworm Treatment

If your property is infested with woodworms, such as furniture beetles, house longhorn beetles and deathwatch beetles, then treatment is needed. You will usually find some sawdust around and it means that your wood needs inspection.

The specialists will know how to handle this situation, so make sure to call for help at the soonest time to destroy the infestation. Do not ignore this issue to avoid a bigger problem.

Rising, Condensing and Penetrating Damp

Condensation refers to the water formed from moisture. The rising damp is coming from the ground, which has something to do with how the property was constructed. The penetrating dump is coming directly from the exterior wall and that’s because of heavy rains.

It is very important to eliminate or prevent the source of the penetration. But, doing this needs expertise. That is why you should contact the nearest damp proofing company like the Edinburgh Damp Proofing for immediate action.

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