Protect Your Property Investment with a Damp Proof Survey


The word “damp” usually brings to mind some very negative images, especially if you’ve found damage caused by excess moisture or moisture where it shouldn’t be. Fortunately, you can arrange for the services of a company with extensive experience in damp proofing, using methods that prevent damp from coming through walls and floors.

These same specialists can also be available to make necessary repairs and undertake comprehensive restoration, with the focus always on preserving your property. Before you can make the decision to have proofing steps taken, or have an experienced professional start repair and renovation, you’ll need to take one essential, preliminary step.

Identify the Problem

Almost any property can have problems with damp, especially older structures that have never had any type of damp proofing. You shouldn’t assume you’re safe from this issue. You’d be wise to contact a company that can provide a damp proof survey in Scotland, so you can determine if there are problems and specify the type of problem your property has. Not only will they uncover any issues you might have in your home or business, but they can identify which type of damp is causing the problem.

For example, the specialist might isolate an issue caused by penetrating damp, which some refer to as rain penetration. This occurs when moisture comes through walls, through your roof, or around windows and doors. If there are worn or damaged places on the roof, water can penetrate and damage the structure.

A thorough survey of your property might find rising damp, which occurs when water enters the building, absorbed from the ground into your walls or into your floors. If your home or business has rising damp, it’s essential to take steps to correct this problem with the proper treatment. Once the specialist’s survey determines the specific nature of your damp issues, the correct treatment can be employed.

Array of Services

Access to an array of services is one of the main benefits of using a company specialising in this field. Not only will they be available to conduct a survey as described above, they make specialists available for property preservation, offer guaranteed repair work, and make accurate diagnoses of the problems, so they can provide repairs and renovations at a reasonable rate. These services are available to both the domestic and commercial sectors.

Suppose your survey determines the building is being damaged by rising damp. Once this diagnosis is made, experienced technicians can begin the necessary work to solve the problem. This might involve repairs to an existing barrier or the creation of a new system for damp proofing. There are several effective methods which can be used, including the injection of damp proof solutions, membrane systems, and electro-osmosis.

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