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Today, there are various heavy lifting solutions available on the marketplace, consisting of cranes, forklifts, vacuum lifts, winches and hoists. In Australia, each of these machines uses a specific mechanism to move large and heavy objects.

A number of them to transfer an item up and down or from side to side, and others which can do both. Generally speaking, companies seeking equipment for such operations will obtain heavy lifting machines based on what the job is at hand. Let’s see what gets used:

  • Forklifts

Everyone and their dog knows what a forklift is, as it’s one of the most well-known lifting devices used by man. Smaller companies make good use of it and being easy to operate like a bumper car, forklift’s front end has two metal protrusions that slide easily into a wooden pallet, then lifts it and moves items around in warehouse environments. The forked front end can then easily raises the loaded pallet safely up into tall storage areas and also brings items down.

  • Vacuum Lifts

The vacuum lift uses high pressure air vacuums to adhere to a heavy item which has to be moved. These machines are great for lifting irregular shaped items, like panes of glass. They can also be put to good use to raising heavier objects, such as cargo containers, so that ships in the harbour can be easily worked with.

  • Winches

The winch utilises a wound rope to haul an item up, similar to when towing a vehicle. The majority of winches are firmly attached onto a stationary position such a wall or on a service truck, where a worker can fix the winch hook to the other vehicle for towing.

  • Cranes

The humble workhorse crane is certainly one of the most outstanding of all the heavy movers and employs an angled boom to transfer items up and down, and from side to side. Of all of the different types of heavy lifting equipment, the faithful crane is, and will remain the most versatile. Make sure that you use experts in crane hire in Perth, who can provide you with the perfect selection of sizes, all depending on the job in hand.

  • Hoists

Hoists are applied to pull heavy items up by using a pulley and rope and is often used for lifting smaller things such as car engine blocks. Most hoists are fixed to the ground in places like repair shops or warehouses. Any heavier objects have to be moved over to the hoist for lifting, and then on many occasions, a forklift will help to move the object to its place.

Matters of Renting or Buying

This will rely upon the needs of the business, because purchasing a lifting device can be rather expensive, and often the hiring of professional lifting machines is wished for. Hiring is simple and can be carried out on a day, week, month, or yearly no worries basis.

Lifting has never been easier!

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