Kubota 5.5 tonne excavator specs and features (U55)


Kubota U55 excavator is a highly versatile machine of the U-series. This series include zero tail swing excavators with highly enhanced maneuverability and versatility. These are mini-excavators that can easily slip through tight spaces and confined areas. You can work with these excavators around corners and nearby buildings. They are designed for zero turn radius and are thus ideal for working in urban construction and infrastructure works. It is also common to find Kubota U55 5 Tonne excavator hire providers as these are the most commonly used machinery on medium sized excavator projects.

The U55 excavator of U-series is the best in class for optimum performance, superior comfort and all-around versatility. The latest of model is U55-4 that comes with an optional angle blade for even enhanced stability and you can use it for pushing soil or backfilling. With weight of 5.5 tons the mobility and transportability is too easy. This model has a reliable 47.6HP engine the features a compact and well-balanced design.

Let’s delve in for some quick review of its standout features:

Angle Blade

Though it’s an optional feature but having an angle blade will let you push the soil to the side of the machine while moving forward. The bade can swivel at an angle of 25 degrees both left and right for optimal backfilling and eliminating repetitive repositioning.


With float position, you can adjust the dozer height that is handy while backfilling and traveling backwards with dozer attachment. This model has an auto travel shift system that automatically shifts from high to level depending on the travel speed and gradient of the pathway. With such, the operator can ensure smooth working while dozing or turning.

With this, the traditional two pattern selection feature is also there. You can switch between ISO and SAE pattern which is great if the machine is being used by more than one person.


With premium deluxe interior features you can undergo long hour’s tough work without a fatigue. Full suspension seat and easy-to-reach designed controls provide superior comfort for the operator. It has a wider entrance that makes entry and exit easy while on the go. Plus, the spacious cabin area gives you more leg room which is handy to take a break in between. Though the smaller size, the cabin is still spacious and comfortable. With new digital panels, all the functions stay at your fingertips and you can enjoy the convenience.


All the servicing features are at the single side allowing the operator to easily access daily maintenance components. The model comes with two-phase hose design that simplifies the hose replacement. Plus, you got front pin bushes that maximize durability and longevity. The reliability of this machinery is what makes them a common excavator hire choice by rental companies.


Kubota U55 has a new and improved triple pump load sensing smart hydraulic system that ensures smooth operation regardless of the load. It gives you a breakout force of 4315 kg despite the midi size body. You also get adjustable oil flow on AUX1 and AUX2 which can be easily adjusted from the digital panel. You can program upto 5 pre-set rates for different attachments while on the go.

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