How You Can Beat an All-Cash Offer


All-cash offers are sometimes misinterpreted and used incorrectly with real estate deals. When those who are selling want an all-cash deal, they want an offer that does not need funding from the seller also and has no backup plan from other parties. All-cash buyers have a status in buying up homes from those who have the credit to buy a home for retail price. They make it easier for those selling homes to get money and fast too. For those who want to buy homes the conventional war, there are ways to beat all-cash offers with just the credit that is there.

For starters, set up the offer in a way that makes it easy to accept on the spot. Speak to the lender if he/she can type out a letter of approval that confirms the buyer as legitimate. Get the agent to give some extra information on the financing about the offer and to get much out of the loan as possible. Also, expedite the time it takes for a loan and see how fast the lender can send over an evaluator to the home. Some loans are approved in less than two weeks. Do the same with the assessment and order them ahead of time with banks and lenders, even though bigger ones may be reluctant to take it. When the offer is given, the seller can be told the assessment has been processed already.

Another key thing to do is get any inspections done quickly. Having the inspector go in and out of the home with a result quickly produced. Taking care of that will showcase the seller’s seriousness to buyers who are looking at the house. Show the same seriousness by spending extra money to offset a cash offer because wholesale real estate cash buyers look for discounts from sellers only for the quick cash in hand. Cash buyers will look at the price and offer something a bit lower but has more interest to take it instantly. For buyers, offer more money than the cash offer, especially if this will be home for the next several years and it’s a place that has been thought of. The extra offer will be worth giving.

A final note on what credit offers can do to beat cash offers is to introduce themselves to sellers in person. Get the real estate agent to type up a letter to introduce you to the seller, set up a date, and go over to the house. There, the potential buyer can say why they like the place and what they want to do. It can definitely help out and give a good piece of mind to the seller. But sometimes, sellers don’t like the loan factor from potential buyers and take in the cash.

For credit offers, simply understand why the seller may go for the cash offer. Have everything set up already to give when offering. Get a real estate agent. Plan out in advance. Show that business can be done instantly.

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